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Name:Jonas Quinn
Birthdate:Dec 3

Jonas Quinn is a young man from the nation of Kelowna, on the planet that would become known as Langara. He looks just like any human with a lithe build, light brown hair and green eyes, but does in fact have a slightly different genetic code. He's usually seen with a brilliant smile on his face and eating something. His expression and movements are very open to the point that he often comes off as naive. Sometimes this is even true. His clothes tend to be towards comfortable, functional wear, since he often flits excitedly between studying and various experiments as he furthers his extensive curiosity.

Name: John Hamilton
Position: Grad Student
History: John was a graduate student at the university in Diamond City. He has earned/was working on multiple degrees in history, government, engineering and science and spends most of his time either doing research for university programs or working as a go between with the university and the government for different projects. He’d been approached about working as an ambassador but he’d turned it down numerous times, preferring to stay at the university.

Despite being from The Center, John saw very little of his family and rarely talked about them. He didn’t share the love for the military his family does and they didn’t understand his curiosity about everything. It wasn’t a violent relationship, just a non-relationship. In true, John mostly stuck to himself and his research.
Proof: Voice recorder with research notes in Jonas’ voice, but with a british accent

Jonas comes from the season 7 episode Homecoming of the television show Stargate SG-1

Jonas Quinn belongs to MGM Worldwide Television Productions and Corin Nemec belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for [community profile] skyofdiamonds It also serves as a verse/thread archive for [personal profile] thinkimstrange, my other Jonas Quinn journal.

Player and pup are both over 18
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